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Portrait, Anke Roser, Head of Marketing and Communications, AXOOM

Anke Roser

Head of Marketing and Communications

Karlsruhe, 19. April 2016

AXOOM is developing into a sought-after business platform for the manufacturing industry

Major industrial companies are relying on the open platform solution – 130 partner requests in six months – 50 calls for apps and other types of partnerships – Specific use cases at the Hanover Fair.

What does Industry 4.0 need, technically speaking? Cross-linkable machines and components, equipped with sensors and codes; software that reads, processes, analyzes, and maps machine data; software that systematizes, simplifies and combines the surrounding processes like ordering, production planning, design, maintenance and delivery; communication modules that securely transport the data within the factory as well as out of it; and business platforms that enable the whole thing to be easily controlled.

As a pioneer of Industry 4.0, TRUMPF is coming closer to all of this, step by step. Six months ago, the high-tech company founded the platform provider AXOOM GmbH. The task of the software developers at AXOOM was to create a digital business platform that would help to quickly and easily connect all steps in the value chain of a manufacturing company. “We are convinced that this is the right path,” says Mathias Kammüller, Head of the TRUMPF Machine Tool Division. “The initial situation is good. All stakeholders – customers, suppliers, software companies, and logistics service providers – trust us as industry experts, more than major IT companies.”

Since the beginning of the year, AXOOM has been in its official preview phase. During this open development period, around 270 prospective customers so far have assessed the platform and partly engaged in joint development with AXOOM. In addition, more than 130 companies have made contact in recent months who want to place their offers on the business platform as partners. The AXOOM developers are already engaged in specific discussions with more than 50 of them with regard to apps or other types of partnerships.

The established AXOOM partners currently include companies such as Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH, C-Labs Corporation, J. Schmalz GmbH, Klöckner & Co SE, Linde AG, India Metamation Software Private Limited, Rittal GmbH & Co. KG, SICK AG, SKALERO GmbH , XETICS GmbH, and also WiCAM GmbH Technische Software – a TRUMPF competitor in machine software. The platform is open to all partners whose apps create added value for manufacturing companies. This also means that AXOOM is open to other machine manufacturers, and offers the opportunity to connect cross-vendor machines to the business platform.

At the Hanover Fair, which begins on April 25, AXOOM will be presenting specific use cases together with some of these partners. Several booths at the fair will be interconnected for this purpose. A new and highly secure communication module will also be presented to the public at the AXOOM booth (Hall 08, Booth D09). “By Hanover at the latest it will be obvious that offers from the new business platform are directed not only at sheet metal fabrication businesses, but at the entire production world,” promises Florian Weigmann, Managing Director of AXOOM GmbH.

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Press Contact

Portrait, Anke Roser, Head of Marketing and Communications, AXOOM

Anke Roser

Head of Marketing and Communications


AXOOM GmbH, with its head office in Karlsruhe, has been offering digital solutions for the industry to machine manufacturers and manufacturing companies in all sectors since 2015. The open platform of the same name brings suppliers and users together and makes them partners, adding significant value to the production process. AXOOM networks machines, sensors and software as well as the entire value chain, independent of manufacturers. Thanks to the cloud-based IoT platform, the data becomes transparent and can be used to continuously develop and optimize the industry. With TRUMPF as the parent company and a strong team of around 100 employees, AXOOM successfully combines engineering and IT expertise.


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