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Our AXOOM apps will be available soon. Our store is open for browsing, so you can inform yourself about apps that may suit your business. Introducing the newest AXOOM apps supporting production planning and document, resource and task management.

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What We Do

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AXOOM is a browser-based platform solution whose tailor-made modules span the value chain, from order and resource management through to reporting. Designed to connect systems, as well as machines and workplaces,  the platform gives a complete view of production.

AXOOM Connect Platform


Office and production tasks are handled within one solution, from order entry through to production planning. AXOOM brings additional value through the integration of best practice functionality from industry-leading partners and service providers.

AXOOM Control


Easily monitor stock, production, and key performance indicators from the Shop Floor dashboard. AXOOM is designed to bring consistency, efficiency, and transparency to production, as provides a complete overview with full control of production.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2015, we are a dynamic team dedicated to building an open and modular platform to serve as an end-to-end solution for the manufacturing industry. We bring our combined years of experience in the manufacturing, hosting and IT industries to benefit our customers.

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