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IT Security

Success factor for Industry 4.0

AXOOM Smart forward.

»The production of today is determined by the increasing use of computer-controlled and networked machines – as a result the requirements for IT security are growing.«

Industry 4.0 connects people, machines, products and systems and brings the real and virtual worlds closer together. This enables complete networking and automation of production, as well as real-time control and analysis of the entire production. Flexible and customized production processes are the result, as well as the integration of customers and suppliers from incoming orders through to delivery. In order to benefit from these advantages without concerns, the issue of IT security, especially data security and ownership, plays an important role for machine manufacturers and manufacturing companies.

At AXOOM, IT security is a top priority. In order to offer our customers a secure and powerful solution, all of our data centers are based in Germany and are without exception certified according to ISO 27001. First, the IT infrastructure complies with the highest security standards and second, no customer has to fear that third parties can access the cloud data. Maximum security is ensured by having all the data of each customer hosted in a separate environment.

The AXOOM Gate provides secure data transport. Partly based on the technology of our partner C-Labs, it creates a direct connection between the customer network and the cloud. The AXOOM Gate is able to collect data independent of manufacturers of all connected devices so that they can be sent to the AXOOM platform in encrypted form, where they can be visualized and evaluated. Specialized protection for data transmission provides multi-level security and encryption concept at the component, transport, application and user level. This ensures accurate access control within the factory as well as to the factory itself; insecure connections to and from the outside are not possible.

The ownership of the data is clearly regulated at AXOOM. Customers always have the full authority for all data generated within their factory. Every usage of a data source must be explicitly approved by the customer. All information released for AXOOM for processing is used exclusively in the AXOOM environment. Third parties are excluded from usage, unless this is explicitly agreed in advance by the customer. The AXOOM Gate therefore functions as a secure communication module perfecly tailoring the approval and usage of data to the needs of the users.


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