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The Industry 4.0 solution for machine manufacturers

Design the future of mechanical engineering with AXOOM

OBJECTIVE: Being a digital leader, offering smart services, delivering innovative software applications, connecting  machines securely over the Internet – which manufacturer doesn’t strive to reach such goals? AXOOM is the right  partner to achieve exactly these milestones together. 

PROBLEM: If the flow of information from machine to user stops after the machine is put into operation the first time,  unresolved questions about the machine’s current status arise. Maintenance or software updates are often performed too  late. In such a condition, the machine is neither capable of optimal production nor can the manufacturer provide efficient  support. Due to a lack of transparency, important input for the further development of the machines and plants goes missing.

REQUIREMENT: In order to ensure the continuous performance of the delivered machines and to improve their own service, machine manufacturers need an intelligently networked solution to control the plants in the field.

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AXOOM: An open platform for the industry

SOLUTION: The AXOOM platform connects manufacturers, machines, components, sensors and software and enables a continuous data transfer between systems and interfaces, independent of manufacturer. The cloud­based IoT platform hosts and aggregates the data and provides apps for the optimal use of the machines. This makes it easy to network, control and analyze the complete machinery over the Internet. For control and analysis functions, apps that are provided by AXOOM, as well as by key users such as the mechanical engineering company TRUMPF and, in the future, by other platform  participants, are used.

Leveraging potential and developing new business models with AXOOM

  • Downtime is reduced thanks to remote predictions and problem avoidance. 
  • The latest updates can be uploaded without delay and settings can be configured remotely going forward. 
  •  Individually tailored customer service is no longer time­intensive and expensive. 
  • Machine data supplied in real-time helps to  continually improve products.
  • New and further developments of the plants are carried out by using up­to­date field data on a new level. 
  • New digital services and business models can even be developed based on data and with AXOOM’s support. Afterwards they can be quickly launched onto the market.

IoT Products

AXOOM Connection Center

The Connection Center serves as the central application in the IoT Management package. It provides a clear overview of all machines in the field as well as a detailed view of each, including the relevant machine information and specifications. Simple plug & play connectivity of machines makes it possible to understand them and detect their statuses. The Connection Center gives manufacturers a powerful tool for global machine management. The collected data lays the foundation for continuous further development of products and improvement of service – which naturally benefits customers as well.

Rapid and simple connection of machines to the platform
Clear overview of sites and machines worldwide
Straightforward machine management and configuration of diverse machinery
Detailed views with relevant machine information and specifications
IoT Management with Connection Center

Condition Monitoring

Integrated and networked systems provide valuable insight into the live status of machines. This makes it possible to respond to machine errors directly, manually or automatically. AXOOM Condition Monitoring displays the current status and live data from the machines, as well as immediate error notifications. This complete transparency of machines enables prompt response to faulty machine behavior. As a result, customers can be offered optimal service. Machine downtime and failures can be reliably reduced and avoided, while production processes can be promptly adjusted.

Live monitoring of machine statuses
Real-time warning system via various communication channels
Signal function in the event of discrepancies in machine operation
Individual dashboard design
AXOOM Condition Monitoring

AXOOM Performance Dashboard

Product improvement measures can be identified based on past performance. Although it is necessary to be able to view the progress of production and individual machines at any time, an easy-to-use instrument to collect and visualize machine data is lacking. The AXOOM Performance Dashboard displays performance parameters of machines, sensors and components across plants, while taking into account all environmental factors. The user friendly system collects information about the equipment over the entire operating period. Visualization of data enables machine manufacturers and their customers to understand production performance easily and quickly. This transparency regarding machine performance and utilization allows customers to improve production process planning over the long-term and increase on-site productivity.

Overview of the production capacity and the utilization of individual machines
Visualization of current and historical machine data
Information about machine performance across all production sites
Very user-­friendly operation thanks to intuitive interfaces
AXOOM Performance Dashboard

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